Loyalty, Honour, Respect

1: The National President is and stays the highest rank, his decisions will be respected regardless how odd no member shall judge his decisions ever, he has the right to change any decisions or rules at any time.  The National President is the only one that can allow a member's colours or rank to be taken away for example if the chapters President or Vice President has a problem with the member, it must be taken up with the National President first, he will then authorize it.

 2: No member will ever contact or discuss anyone in the club about anything, leave other members alone, no gossip, rumours or talking nonsense. If a women has a problem with something or someone, discuss this with your boyfriend/husband, he will then go to the President or Vice President, If it can't be sorted, then learn to live with it the club will not change for anyone, you adapt or leave, your colours will be taken away, be warned.

3: Always respect any member of any chapter. No fighting between members, you have a problem; you take it up with your President or Vice President. Always respect the club colours and name.  No member, full colour, prospect or hang-arounds will do harm to the following;

·        Club colours,

·        Club logo,

·        And any other member of the club. If you are under the influence of alcohol and the decision is made to take you and your bike home safely, you will be liable to accept it and not argue, if found guilty colours will be suspended.

 4: The main member would be the husband, fiance or boyfriend unless the lady rides her own bike 400 cc and higher for at least 6 months, no women have any say regarding the club's decisions.  All club fees must be paid on due dates.  If any member is in arrears, the member has no say in meetings and can’t vote, if fees are outstanding for longer than 3 months, colours may be suspended.

 5: A meeting will be held on a monthly basis and all must be present, if a member misses 3 consecutive meetings, club colours may be suspended.

6: Qualification for club colours (6 months): 3 month half colours unless otherwise decided by the Chapters ranks at their discretion.  Colours must be worn to all meetings, day jols and rallies.  If colours are not worn, the member will be fined.  If a member does not wear colours on 3 consecutive outings, colours may be suspended.  All members should at least attend 10 day jols and 2 rallies per year.  Must jols from the National President must be attended.

7: All matters regarding memberships, finances, rides, rallies etc. will be discussed at club level and decided on by all paid up full colour members and final approval by the National President, President and Vice President.  The National President will appoint committee members after receiving nominations from members.  The committee will consist of the following positions;

·        National President, National Vice President, National Secretary, National Treasurer

·        President,

·        Vice President,

·     Road Captain

 8: The National President will elect the following;

·        President and Vice President .  A President of a Chapter can only appoint a Vice President with the approval of the National President, The National President still has the final say!!

Appointing of Road Captains, Sgt @ arms, Secretary etc. will be by the President and Vice President.  No girlfriends/wives of the chapter ranks are allowed to be Secretaries unless agreed by all members.

9: Presidents and Vice Presidents deserve the respect from members, any member who acts in a disrespectful manner towards their President or Vice President will be stripped from their colours personally by the National President

10: No Ghost Riders are allowed to court existing Ghost Riders ex-wives or girlfriends.

11: No gossip allowed about any other bike clubs on any social media including; Facebook, Twitter etc... This will not be tolerated

12: Under no circumstances will any prospect be allowed to over indulge with alcohol if this rule is not adhered to necessary steps will be taken.

13: Each member including ranks are responsible for their wife, girlfriend’s behaviour.  If the wife or girlfriend misbehaves in anyway the husbands or boyfriends colours will be stripped by the National President. (In other words) make sure your wife or girlfriend knows their place.

14: Any remarks towards friends or members friends is unacceptable this comes down to respect be warned your colours will be suspended

15: The National President feels very strongly about brotherhood in GRMC chapters and have implemented the rule of meet and greet (example) if you are attending a jol it is your duty to greet one another not wait for a person to greet you.  There shouldn’t be any animosity between chapters, members and ranks.

16: All meetings minutes needs to be send to the National Secretary monthly

17: The National President, Vice President ,National Secretary and National Treasurer needs to be invited to attend all meetings in the Gauteng area and far away if possible